Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 3 Exercises

This week we are learning about textures, patterns and lighting. So of course we had to do a basic value drawing. There were five exercises this week, which took me by surprise because there has usually been three.

This exercise was way more fun than I thought it would be. No lines allowed here, it had to be all value surfaces. I'm pleased with how it turned out, except for maybe the top left area.

This one is pretty self explanatory. I think I did pretty good here. We had to do it first with an H pencil and then again with a B pencil. The H drawing did not turn out so well, I just don't do well with H pencils. I don't like them.

Here is the H. It's a lighter pencil obviously but it's too hard to shade.

This one was fun! We had to pick from a list of adjectives and then a list of nouns and draw it. I picked "rusty" and "toilet." I guess you could say I've had some influence from Silent Hill in my day.

All in all, I'm impressed with myself for getting all of this done in one day. I was determined, especially after I accidentally had to hand in my work late last week. I am definitely going to hand my work in extra early this week. 

Oh! And there was one more exercise. We had to take pictures of five eggs in different lighting to create different moods. Here they are.

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