Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Minecraft

So I play Minecraft... 

 Here I shall show off my silly virtual block buildings as an attempt to make myself feel better about the fact that I spent so much time doing this (mostly) in survival mode. 

 Here we go! :D

This is my underground jungle mine colony. I dropped human eggs down here and built a bunch of houses and stuff. It was originally intended to look epic like the mines of Moria...but apparently building houses takes FOREVER. I also have a SWEET hotel, but it is still under construction. So I did not photograph it.

This is the inside of my treehouse. Well, the downstairs part, at least.

This is the view from my treehouse. It is Michael's castle and my mini tower castle thing.

This is my underground jungle hot spring. So my humans can relax every now and again. There is a forbidden door which leads into infinity mines. My humans are not intelligent enough to not get lost and/or killed in there.

This is my sacred tree and magic waterfall, so my humans have something weird to worship.

This is my blacksmith. He has a stone guardian guy, Hodor, in there to guard him as well, but Hodor is camera shy.

This is my blacksmith slave. He cannot escape because he has a fear of fences.

This is my awesome railroad to Michael's castle which runs underneath the ocean. You push a button over there on the wall and a minecart pops out. Then you put the cart on the track and push another button and it goes zoooom all the way to the other island. :D

This is a view of my treehouse with a sunset. <3

This is my treehouse all lit up and epic looking.

This is my tower because I wanted to claim territory on Michael's island. ^_^

And there you have it! The grand tour pretty much. I know...I'm lame... Hehe!

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  1. Some very nice builds! I love building in survival, it's so satisfying to build something legit without any mods or cheats. I finally enchanted some shears with silk touch, so I can bring grass blocks underground to create a lush, green underground city.

    I also plan to build some bio domes in the nether.

    Keep up the awesome builds!