Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Art History Work

My second class at Full Sail, Art History, had two digital painting projects. The first was a digital cave painting from scratch. The second was a digital pop art painting from a photo of yourself.

So it may not look like much but I actually learned a lot from this painting. I learned how to create a textured background by adding a texture to the light rendering. Photoshop has nice lighting effects, actually. I also experimented a little bit with creating brushes, which I am getting pretty good at now.

This painting was actually completely invented by me. I went out on a limb and didn't follow the instructions for the actual assignment, which was just a basic photomanipulation to look like Andy Warhol's screen print works. Instead, I did a vector painting with the pen tool and then manipulated the colors and stuff. I also halftoned the skin color to sort of mimic Lichtenstein's comic book art.

So anyways, I finally got the OK to share my work online from Full Sail. So I will be putting up all of my art for school on here from now on. Yay!

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