Monday, September 17, 2012

Doodle Journal Prompts

This is my doodle journal! It's an empty sketchbook just waiting to be filled with all sorts of nonsense. My goal is to do at least one page per day. I can maybe do some collages and some poetry in there too. Whatever tickles my fancy.

You should do one too! It's good for the soul.

In case you do decide to join me, I am making a list of journal prompts--doodling, writing, all sorts of things--to give some inspiration in case you can't think of something to doodle. I'll shoot for a HUNDRED! I know I will be referring back to this post often.

Try to keep an open mind with these prompts. Think outside the box. Be flexible. Many of these prompts will have you thinking about yourself in ways you never have before. That's a good thing! Go with it! Most importantly, have fun with it! Don't try too hard, don't try to make it perfect. The object of the game is to let the creativity happen without having to think about it.

  1. Doodle your home from the outside.
  2. Doodle your name in fancy doodle letters.
  3. Write a poem about your earliest childhood memory. Illustrate on the side.
  4. Get your colored pencils and doodle in three different shades of your favorite color.
  5. Trace your hand and doodle inside it.
  6. Doodle a paisley pattern.
  7. Practice doodling different celtic knots.
  8. Doodle a garden.
  9. Free doodle with your non-dominant hand.
  10. Free doodle with your eyes closed.
  11. Doodle a self-portrait, using only a mirror for reference.
  12. Make a random scribbled shape and doodle inside it. Color it in!
  13. Doodle about something that happened today.
  14. Draw a postcard and write a letter to your imaginary friend.
  15. Doodle your favorite food.
  16. Doodle your spirit animal. (If you could be any animal, what would it be?)
  17. Draw any object that you like in the middle of the page and doodle out from it.
  18. Doodle someone you love. Draw in things that define that person, like their favorite gadget or favorite activity. Remember to mention who it is!
  19. Write a poem about a moment that has inspired you.
  20. Doodle about the weather today.
  21. Write out a quote that you love and make a doodle to match.
  22. Doodle about what makes you the most mad.
  23. Draw a circle in the middle of the page. Write about what made you happy today by wrapping your words around and around the circle.
  24. Doodle about something that has made you sad.
  25. Make a list of things you are grateful for.
  26. Make a doodle inspired by one of your favorite movies.
  27. Doodle about the craziest dream you ever had.
  28. Write a letter to a friend you've parted ways with.
  29. Doodle about a place you wish to travel to.
  30. Write a poem about going to bed.
  31. Recreate your favorite album cover in doodle form.
  32. Doodle about something small that made you smile today.
  33. Make a list of things people compliment you on.
  34. Doodle about a beautiful sight you've seen.
  35. Write a poem about your favorite season. Always doodle on the side!
  36. Doodle what you wanted to be when you grew up as a kid.
  37. Doodle your favorite plant.
  38. Doodle your most prized possession.
  39. Doodle-write all of the names and nicknames you have ever been called.
  40. Write a poem about the day you were born.
  41. Doodle a map of your neighborhood.
  42. Doodle the appearance of your first school as you remember it.
  43. Write a poem about your Mom.
  44. Write a poem about your Dad.
  45. Doodle copy your favorite photograph.
  46. Doodle the essence of your hometown.
  47. Write a letter to your favorite teacher from grade school.
  48. Doodle the essence of your faith.
  49. Doodle about what makes you feel invincible.
  50. Doodle/write about something you are afraid of.
  51. Doodle/write about something you feel guilty for.
  52. Doodle/write about something you are ashamed of.
  53. Doodle/write about something you are still sad about.
  54. Doodle/write about something you're lying to others about.
  55. Doodle/write about something that isn't what you had expected.
  56. Doodle/write about something you're very attached to.
  57. Doodle the floor plan of your home.
  58. List as many little things that make you happy as you can fit on the page.
  59. Doodle about what you wanted to be when you grew up as a teenager.
  60. List all the specific places you want to travel to.
  61. Write in doodle letters/numbers your exact birth date and time of birth, how much you weighed, how long you were (if you know).
  62. Doodle about a vice you have (like smoking, or Facebook...)
  63. Doodle your favorite toy when you were young.
  64. List all the things you hope to accomplish within a year.
  65. Write a poem about waking up in the morning.
  66. Doodle a whole page in a single theme (ie. flowers, trees, cars, or houses, etc.)
  67. List the items you would try to save if your house was on fire.
  68. Doodle something that calms you down when you are upset.
  69. Write a poem about your favorite pair of shoes.
  70. Doodle a whole page of circles.
  71. Doodle an animal you hope to never meet. Remember to doodle their environment around them.
  72. Doodle with only warm colors.
  73. Doodle with only cool colors.
  74. Doodle with every color of the rainbow (R.O.Y.G.B.V.!)
  75. Write a poem about your favorite type of weather.
  76. Doodle your pet (or what pet you would have if you could).
  77. List all of your pet peeves.
  78. Doodle the setting you want to be in on your last day of life.
  79. Doodle a red circle with a slash through it (like a no smoking sign). What will you put in the circle?
  80. Doodle about the first foreign country you would move to if you were exiled from your homeland.
  81. Doodle about your most favorite hobby.
  82. Write out your wish list.
  83. Doodle your favorite holiday.
  84. Doodle your perfect night out.
  85. Write a poem about the scariest moment of your life so far.
  86. Doodle a made up animal.
  87. Doodle your dream home.
  88. List all the people that have changed your life.
  89. Doodle about love.
  90. Doodle the food pyramid if it could look the way you wanted it to.
  91. Doodle all over an entire page without lifting your pen once.
  92. Write out all the dates that have been significant to you and why. Write each in a different hand writing.
  93. Doodle all over an entire page with your favorite word, and only that word.
  94. Write a poem about breakfast.
  95. Trace your toes/feet and doodle inside.
  96. Doodle your silhouette.
  97. Doodle the things that are most symbolic for your life. 
  98. Write a poem about your age.
  99. Doodle about what you want to look like.
  100. Doodle about the ocean.

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