Sunday, September 2, 2012


Meet Evelyn. Full name: Evelyn Marietta Von Tessa.

She is my new original character for art practices. I will be using her to try out all kinds of artistic styles. This way I can compare different art styles more easily. Knowing that each picture depicts the same person will make it easier to distinguish the various elements of a particular art style that make it unique.

So Evelyn will be a basic semi-gothic character. And by that I mean that she is probably closer to being from the Victorian era than the Gothic era.

She has dark, long, wavy hair. Sleepy grey-violet eyes. Her favorite color is burgundy. Fair skin.

Evelyn is likely to be the first of many original characters that I create. To the right is just a quick sketch of her in my...normal realistic style. It's not great or anything, but I just wanted to create an appearance for her.

So anyhow, treat her kindly and watch out for more of her on my DeviantArt channel!

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